Transport & Packaging


Bespoke - ACB has a vast array of packages suitable for the transportation of radioactive material: Excepted, Industrial, Type A Packages and Special Form overpack capsules. As our own design authority, we can design bespoke packaging and containers for individual projects.

Rapid response - With our own vehicle fleet we are able to provide a specialist and rapid response transport service to all our customers. Transport regulations state that the use of standard despatch and postal services are not permitted and radioactive material must be collected from a client's premises.

Approved contractors - To complement our own fleet we will use, where required, approved contractors to ship packages to our processing facility, as well as consignments destined for overseas recycling.


Recognising the need to minimise our carbon footprint and the costs for our clients, we are continually looking at new methods of packaging and minimising space. Innovative containers allow for greatly improved packaging efficiencies and cost reductions for our clients. This in turn helps minimise the space utilised at regulatory disposal facilities thereby maximising their capacity potential and lifespan.

We will continue to invest and set the standard in this area, giving our clients the best available options at the most efficient cost.