Solution Development

Solution Development  

New Route Identification

ACB prides itself on its ability to adapt to and solve new challenges from clients. Our ethos is 'every problem has a solution’. It is around this principle that the company has been built.

We strive to build long-standing relationships by working in partnership with our customers to resolve recycling and disposal challenges for problematic wastes. We have vast experience working with different regulatory bodies and clients’ management teams across international boundaries and waters. Our flexibility and structure enable us to tackle everything from ‘one off’ recycling solutions, through to on-going new routes, international locations and tactical responses at key ports. Whatever your problem, we have a solution. 

High Volume Equipment Disposal and Decommissioning

We have the capability and capacity to handle high volumes of equipment requiring decommissioning or disposal. Removal of radioactive elements and free releasing or recycling of residual materials is second nature to us.

In the majority of cases, we are able to meet a client's disposal timescale; however, this is dependent upon the type of material being disposed of and final disposal facility availability.