Depleted <br />Uranium Recycling

Depleted Uranium Recycling

Depleted Uranium (DU) recycling routes in the UK have become non-existent, resulting in organisations having to retain the material under strict regulatory guidelines, heavy administration and with no easy way of disposing of it. To alleviate this, ACB has set up international recycling routes for many forms of DU and has been consigning the material internationally for over ten years.

To ensure appropriate recycling and re-use of DU material, ACB only recycles its material in the USA. The material is converted into an oxide for chemical catalysts or melted and cast to manufacture commercial products, for example, medical isotope containers and radiation shielding components.

With a wealth of experience, our dedicated recycling team can offer a complete service from analysis of your material to the management of the disposal process, helping you cost effectively recycle your DU liability, in compliance with all the necessary international regulations.